For English speaking players

Are you staying in Prague for a long time and you miss field hockey? So, what are you waiting for? Come and play with us! You will be pleasure and welcome. Or, would you like to youre child playing field hockey too? No problem. Doesn´t matter if you can´t speak Czech, because if you playing field hockey, you are talking by hockey language. Field hockey is the best language around the world!
You can find us in Kbely, city borough of Prague 9 – Železnobrodská 961/4A – 57°7’57.533“N 14°32’45.535“E.
For more information please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Dušan Hrazdíra (E-mail) (cellphone) +420776185390. (SKYPE: hrazdiradusan)

See you on the pich!

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